XF 1.5 How to show reported posts to a mod?


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So in the top right corner is the reports link that will take you to the reported posts. All my mods I have set up by forum. So not super mods and not of the mods are in the mod user group either. Just forum mods.

So when I go to the moderator page to see all the forums I have them under and click which one I want to edit what setting do I need to select so they can see the reported posts from that forum and make sure they don't see reported posts from a forum I don't want them to see?


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You define them as a forum moderator on the moderator page - admin.php?moderators/add

You need to do that for each forum they moderate.


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Perhaps they are super moderators?

I checked, the primary user group is registered which have no permissions other then they can view the board. Secondary user group is paid which is for all users who post. All the mods used to me super but I took them all out and made them forum mods. Could the system be pulling off an old permission cache?