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how to show all attachment in forum or in specific threads?

Hello all, I wanna ask about attachment.. How to show the list of all attachment in forum or in specific threads ?

My forum member upload a lot of attachment file to share with other member for quite long time. After I move to xenforo recently from vbulletin there is one feature that I kinda miss .. attachment list viewer in every forum which is default feature in vb . It help my forum member a lot to see all the attachment in one list so they could download it directly without opening the thread page one by one.

I`m installing attachment viewer addon but it only show attachment my member upload by themself, not the other members attachment .

sry for my bad english, hope you guys could get my question :D
You will need an add-on, but I do not believe I've seen one that does exactly what you are looking for.
yeah.. I search the resource and didn't found any add on for this purpose. The attachment viewer here http://xenforo.com/community/resources/attachment-viewer.411/ is the closest add on I found but its only show attachment uploaded by a member only .. hopefully someone could come up with add on that could show all the attachment in a thread just like in vb :)