How to show a thread to all users?

I want to notify all members in the forum about a giveaway. What is the best way to let them all know about this new thread?

And, how do I set it so that everyone registering from now on will also get the notification automatically - that is, to check out this particular thread?

Thank you.
Thanks. I searched but couldn't find. Can you please direct me to the exact help page for the same?

So I suppose there is no feature to specify a mandatory thread viewing so far.


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There is no function like this for XF core.
But I used this for years as a mod on VB and I am getting a coder to make it for XF.

Notification Add-on. (not ready yet)
Will notify a usergroup (or several) on all posts in a forum. Admin adds the usergroup/s to the forum settings.
Will notify a usergroup (or several) on all posts on a thread. Admin adds the usergroup/s to the thread settings.

I also want each user to be set to a minimum "membership"for notifications on one category, or three forums. Default setting will be "membership" of a generic intros/ gossip/ support category.
User can change to another category/ or select 3 forums from list/ or add more, in Profile page.
I guess I could ask for this second function to be toggled Enable/ Disable to make it better for other admin choices.

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