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How to setup XenForo using WPN-XM

How to setup XenForo using WPN-XM


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Luxus submitted a new resource:

How to setup XenForo using WPN-XM - XenForo powered by nginx

This guide is aimed at XenForo newcomers who want to install XenForo locally for learning and development purposes. Backbone for this guide is WPN-XM (or WPИ-XM), an open source, nginx backed server stack for Windows actively developed by Jens-André Koch. You can donate to him here.

Homepage: http://wpn-xm.org/
Github: https://github.com/WPN-XM

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Hello I am using Windows Server and I want to use this to host my website but for whatever reason using this "404 Not Found nginx" whenever I try to access the domain...