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XF 1.3 How to setup Xenforo footer in left align


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Hi all

I am add footer in left align, but it seems Xenforo does not in left align. - How to customize these phase to left align?

thanks in advance

5-26-2014 4-32-59 PM.png


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Now, I remove all in extra_copyright, and I got


and I add extra_copyright

and I got


So you can see "BSD INSIGHT" is center align.

Can I change it into left align? please note that I did not change any CSS, and ...because I don't want to customize, I need standard one


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Thansk for your support. I am using
<br /><div style="float:left !important">Copyright @2014 BSD INSIGHT. All Rights Reserved<br />209/8 Ton That Thuyet Street</div>
You can see, I add more <br /> in the code, and I got - it seems in center align again. (you can get in http://forums.bsdinsight.com)

5-27-2014 5-57-47 PM.png


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Remove the div, keeping just this part:
Copyright @2014 BSD INSIGHT. All Rights Reserved<br />209/8 Ton That Thuyet Street


add to extra.css:
.Responsive .footerLegal .pageContent
text-align: left;
How do I make copyright_xenforo and copyright_other trade places? This change is within the license, by the way, because you're leaving the copyright message intact, just moving your site's copyright to the top, which is only appropriate.