How to set globally another language as default


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After the migration from VB to XF all my users have set the language as default in English. I've installed another language, Italian, so I would like to know how to globally change all my user so that their default language is Italian and not english.

Since I've access to PHPMyAdmin, if it's faster please gimme the query to enter to make this global change, otherwise I continue to receive email from user asking me why the forum language is english; I've created a post, mass mailed them and so on but many of them keep asking :)

Thank you very much...


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UPDATE xf_user SET language_id = 1
Change 1 to the ID of the language.

To find the ID, click on the language and look at the URL, the ID will be just before /edit.

Make sure you set it as the default in the ACP for all new registrations.