XF 2.2 How to set and unset cookies


Heya, I have a task/problem which i currently am obv to dumb to solve. The task at hand:
-Inform the user about the cookies the forum does set
-Give the users the option to delete these cookies
-This will include some settings like "autoplay" of media within the media tag
So, my question is: How do I set those cookies persistently? This must be done in a help page. And this cookie must be readable in the templates. Any hint?
I have read this and are still a bit dumbfolded...
I need a status and a button to change this status, something like that:
List of cookies
Activate/Deactivate Button
And in the template:
Mediatag which refers to the cookie setting (<-I got this part allready)
It is. And in the browser. Thing is:
IF this is all set to autoplay and IF a media is embedded and IF the user visits a thread he will be tracked by the media provider via the autoplay and the 3rd party cookie.
This is violating GDPR if you do not:
-tell the user upfront (inform)
-give him the choice to do (or not do) exactly that (consent)
-show him his choice at any time (inform)
-and give him the chance to change his mind or delete his choice/information (revoke)
Xenforo is not GPDR-compatible, and we got to work around that fact. Therefore this solution - the technical realisation of a double-opt-in process.
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