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XF 1.4 How to remove the border (content) "main content"

Discussion in 'Styling and Customization Questions' started by Betclever, Jan 5, 2015.

  1. Betclever

    Betclever Active Member


    I want to remove the main content so remove the white block around the categories...

    I have tried to use this CSS code but it removes everything :

    .mainContent {

    I can add or remove a border like the blue one but I can't remove the white content.


    Thanks for your help,
  2. Betclever

    Betclever Active Member


  3. Amaury

    Amaury Well-Known Member

    Try this:

    #content .pageContent {
        background: none;
  4. Betclever

    Betclever Active Member

    It works for the secondary block so for sub-forums and not for the home page.
    I already tried this code without success... :(

    Any idea?
  5. Optic

    Optic Well-Known Member

    Hello @Betclever,

    That's controlled by @sectionMain:
    Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 3.03.08 pm.png

    By default that colour is inherited by@contentBackground in your palette:
    Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 3.03.18 pm.png

    You can either just "Clear value" or change @contentBackground to "Clear value" instead.

    Edit: border should be there too which you can "Clear value" too.
  6. Betclever

    Betclever Active Member

    Thanks it works Optic.
    However, how can I remove the grey border and the shadow?
    Possibility to move up the section main to align it with the sidebar?

  7. Optic

    Optic Well-Known Member

    The grey border and shadow should be on the same Building Blocks style property you used to remove the background. Check the border and miscellaneous sections there.

    But to be 100% sure we would need a link to your forum to inspect the CSS of your forum style.
  8. Betclever

    Betclever Active Member

    Please => bet-clever.com

    Thanks :)
  9. Optic

    Optic Well-Known Member

    @Betclever if you still couldn't find it in Style Properties try adding these to your EXTRA.CSS template:
    .mainContent {
    background-color: transparent;
    border: none !important;
    box-shadow: none !important;
    I've tested that and that appears to remove what you want on your style.

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