XF 1.4 How to remove the activation of URL's?


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To cut down on Spam, we don't want URL's to activate. So if someone posts a URL, then others would be forced to copy and paste it to visit the link as clicking would do nothing since the URL wouldn't be activated.

How can we do this?


Chris D

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It's unlikely that would cut down on spam.

There's not an option for that, but links posted by non-staff members automatically have rel="nofollow" added to them.


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If you're being spammed heavily it may be worth looking at this add-on: https://xenforo.com/community/resources/stophumanspam-anti-human-spam.1480/

You can configure it to scan for links in the first posts of new users and automatically put them into moderation (stops the spam getting through and allows you and your moderators to delete it); as well as monitoring the profile fields such as the homepage and letting you know when people are putting links into them (so you can spam-clean the accounts).

It's not free, but it does and excellent job of keeping the spam off the pages of your forum and letting you know about homepage spammers so you can zap them! (y)

Shaun :D