How to remove the 1st dropdown of 'nav tabs'?:


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This is not a big deal, but if there is a way to do it I'd like to try it out...

I now have nav tabs which have 'sub-tabs', which has 'sub-tabs'. So basically there are 3 levels of nav tabs on some of the nav tab links. Because of this, the first 'dropdown' shows more than one dropdown (see image to see what I'm talking about):


How do I remove the initial dropdown? In other words, I don't want users to see any dropdown from the 1st nav tabs, but only when someone hovers over the second-level of 'sub tabs'. There should be no dropdowns until after the first nav tab has been clicked.


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Haha! I'm such an idiot. So I'll do that for each tab. I didn't see any change because I was defaulted onto the very tab which was removed and was only checking all the other tabs :( Thanks Jake once again.

Jake Bunce

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Oh by the way, that page node should have a popup menu option in the Admin CP. The Nodes As Tabs addon makes that an option.