How to remove Members & Help from Navbar?


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How can I remove these two from the menu?

Also whats the best resource for editing the navbar menu? there is a few but i would want to rearrange everything, do i have to manually template edit each one or is there a resource that can take care of it all?

Digital Doctor

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As for adding or removing tabs, you need to edit the navigation template.
This thread should help:
Check the last lot of code on the first post - it explains how to add new links.
To remove links you can just delete the code or wrap it in xen:comment tags.
That should help !


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/* no Help tab in navbar */{
display: none;

/* no Members tab in navbar */
display: none;

Jake Bunce

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I suggest hiding the tab when it's not selected:

If you remove the tab completely then profile pages (for example) will look funny because their assigned tab does not exist.

To assign those pages to a different tab requires a file edit:

Or you can use this addon:

The latest 1.1.3 update supports changes to tab assignments via link-forums.