How to prevent moderators from moderating admin posts

I've been trying out XenForo using the demo facility. I've noticed that moderators are able to moderate posts written by administrators (by default). What needs to done to restrict a moderator's ability to moderate admin posts (without restricting their ability to moderate all other user types)?


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Give the moderators the ability to soft delete posts but not hard delete. If they moderate an admin post then undelete the post (as an admin) and then have a word with them about why they felt the need to moderate an administrator post. Also ensure they know who are administrators and that they are not to moderate posts made by those users under any circumstance.


You mention an add-on. Is there an add-on currently available to do this?
It's not a simple "tweak", but I am looking into this with a few people. Don't expect me personally to release something. This particular tweak is over my head to realize. No promises, but .. hope to give you some good news soon.


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Well on most of the forums that I frequent the admins are generally the owners and have the privilege of saying what they want.
I'm the owner of my forum, but I still have to abide by the rules the same as all the other members.
Thanks for the info.

Not all who engage in fora are well-intentioned, like-minded chaps who would never post maliciously. I don't want to be in a position whereby a disgruntled mod could potentially take umbrage and start deleting admin posts.