XF 2.2 How to prepend Category name to forum name in reports


My forums consist of different categories with same forum structure like the following
Category: Product1
Forums: Questions, Bugs, Suggestion, Discussions

Category: Product2
Forums: Questions, Bugs, Suggestion, Discussions

One problem I'm having is that only forum names are shown in most, if not all, summary reports such as What's new shown below. I don't know which category the circled forum name Questions belong to.

How do I make changes so that the corresponding category name is shown in front of the forum name, such as "Product1.Questions" or "Product2->Questions" in place of "Questions".

Of course I could add product name to forum names, like
Category: Product1
Forums: Product1 Questions, Product1 Bugs, Product1 Suggestion, Product1 Discussions
I think this approach is not neat especially if the product name is long.
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