XF 2.2 How to only use specific alerts?


How do I make it so users don't get alerts every time there's a reply to a thread? How do I only make them only get alerts for quotes and mentions instead?
Only the user can edit this? I can't make this a general thing by default?
Not that I know of. Maybe there's an add-on, but out of box, it's all under the user's control. And that's as it should be, IMHO. I suppose it would nice to be able to default to "opt-in" (ie. default is off and user has to turn it on) rather than "opt-out" (current setup) though.
In default registration values and everyone's preferences, I changed the "Watch content on creation/interaction" setting to "no", but they still get these alerts.

Why won't this stop happening? This must be a bug. I only want quote and mention alerts on the forum period.
Changing the default registration values will only apply to members who register after that date.

It also won't stop members from changing the values for their own account, nor will it stop alerts for content which is already being watched.

You can disable watching for each forum in the advanced options.

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