how to move website lower, but keep logoBlock height ?


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I have been trying to move the whole website lower by about 50px , but not sure how to do this.
The only thing I have achieved is to move the Navigation-bar lower. But I can not get the body and the content of the website to move lower.

How to put a padding or a margin or some other CSS magic, so that there is a space of 50px between the "#logoBlock" and the other items of the website ?

I have put a shadow towards the "#logoBlock" which should remain its height as is (logo-height).
background: #FFFFFF;
box-shadow: 1px 0 4px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.4);


Appreciate your help!

Many thanks! :)


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Would adding this work?

margin-bottom: 50px;

yeah, but where to put it ?

Adding it to the CSS of "#logoBlock" is just moving the Navbar down, but not the other stuff of the website. By doing so, the Navbar is overlapping the breadcrumb and the Forum...


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quite hard to achieve this...... especially when you have a logo which requires a white-colored background.
The trouble is that the NavTabs are tied to the header....... :(