How to move 'Login or Sign Up' Tab


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How do I move the tab that guest users see at the top right of screen "Login or Sign Up" that you click for the login form drop down. Somewhere in the CSS I guess but any hints, yet to find it!



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If you search the templates for all those beginning with login, it will list all of the related templates.

The login bar css is in the login_bar.css template.
The class for the tab is #loginBar #loginBarHandle.


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Is there a way to disable the top drop down login box? I would like to redirect users to the login page here instead: So that whenever they click on something that requires them to login, that they go there, to that page automatically. My reason is because I want to be able to edit the login page to include some selling points underneath it to encourage people to join. Using the login drop down box defeats this purpose. It's more than just hiding it in the CSS, it needs to be totally disabled and everyone sent to this page instead: