How to Make Custom Overlays


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I'm looking to create custom overlays to explain each category on one of my forums. This will allow users to simply click for more information under the forum title without jumping to another page.

Basically, I want a page to show up the same way as the member card and quick navigation menu but I've notice that they have custom templates/css.


Forum Explanation

Example of the forum:

What is an Aroid?

When you click on What is an Aroid? A scrollable overlay will appear with an explanation/pictures of the group of plants known as Aroids.

Thanks for you help!
You could create a page node to contain the content of your overlay, then link to it like this:

<a href="pages/nodename/" class="OverlayTrigger">text</a>

The content of the page node needs to be contained within one parent element, like a div that encompasses everything. That's a requirement of the overlay system.
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