XF 1.2 How to make a certain style for certain user groups?


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all I can find is an option to make a style selectable to users or not at all. If I want to have my moderators and selected users "beta test" a style, which route would you suggest? Is there something built in or an add-on that could help?



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There are no permissions related to style selection.
Administrators however can access disabled styles.

Why don't you create a test installation on your server and only allow access to those you want to test new styles and features?


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While there is nothing in the way of an automated built in method, you could make your own beta style selector or button and wrap it in a conditional to display only to specific usergroup id#s, and insert it with a template mod then when you don't need it anymore simply delete it.

For normal registered members who should see it just add a usergroup called testers and add those people as a secondary UG. It wont stop someone who knows the custom style id from checking it out, but if you are planning on taking it live soon that really shouldn't matter since I am assuming your are testing it for that reason.

The other alternative is to setup a dupe of your current forum as Brogan said.