How to know if XenForo powered site has a valid license?


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Sorry, if this has been answered somewhere before but I couldn't find anything. I was looking for some XenForo sites in my country to see, if someone translated XenForo to my language and I believe I found 2 sites, that are using ilegal (pirated) version of XenForo. So how can you find out, if the site has a valid license for XenForo?


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Why would anyone give the token to a complete stranger? :) I though there is a way to know this without contacting staff members. Maybe it is, if not I will contact a staff member and will post the answer here.


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There is no need to post the information publicly.
It was not my intention to post the sites here, just the way how to know if someone has or not a valid license. But I guess from the answers, there is no way to find this out without staff assistance.


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That is correct.

Only certain members of staff have access to customer accounts.


Also some nulled xenforo have a footer that doesn't link to the website. I know many websites that are nulled, and also outdated :)