Can a community running nulled software eventually purchase a valid license?


New member
I got a buddy who's into warez and whatnot. I told him to buy licenses or don't use the software. He at least wants to get the community going and then buy the license later on.

My question is, is he able to "upgrade" to a valid license if he decides to proceed? For the time being, I suggested to him to use a free script (e.g. MyBB for example) rather than using a nulled copy of XF.

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
There are many risks to using nulled software. It’s never the way forward. You can never be sure if there are security exploits or other vulnerabilities introduced into the code.

That said, if you use a legitimate free forum software to start with like myBB, SMF or phpBB then you can later import that into a valid XF installation.