How to increase character limit for latest thread in forums


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I tried to search for the answer, but everything kept coming up with people trying to make thread titles longer.

I would just like to increase character limit for latest thread in the forums.


Example: Untitled-1.png
In the node_forum_level_2

Search for this line, and change the number in red to the desired number of characters:

Rich (BB code):
{xen:phrase latest}: <a href="{xen:link posts, $forum.lastPost}" title="{$forum.lastPost.title}">{xen:helper wordTrim, $forum.lastPost.title, 30}</a>
Works for me...

This is it set at 5:

You may also need to do the same in this template: node_category_level_2
I have no idea why this is not working for me. I've got a theme from baisik, and Add User Avatar to Last Post by Waindigo.

I tried the category also, and no change.
Probably this.

It may replace that part of the template with another, therefore your changes not taking effect.

Let me just check that out...

EDIT: Yep. Make the same change in this template: waindigo_node_category_avatar_last_post_avatar



That sorted it, thanks that's great! Cheers
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