How to import from my old vbulletin forum ?


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I really, really need some help here.

I used to have a Vbulletin forum back in 2008

The forum itself had over 9000 members and nearly 100,000k threads.

At the time, I had depression, a close friend died and financial issues, so I could not afford or was in the right frame of mind, to continue the thread. So stupidly, I let it go.

I have the domain still and when i use website archive, i can still see my old website and how it looked in 2009

Is there anyway i can import all those threads and posts onto Xenforo ?


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We have an importer available for VB but you will need a backup of the VB database and any server files related to attachments and avatars.

Without those, there's no viable option to restore the content.