How to home page as main page?


Hello guys,

I just bought xenforo for my Minecraft (adult-owned) video game community. We have been doing some research on how to setup. So far, we figured out how to install it on our website. Now that its working and we're able to access the admin CP we want to achive this:
We would like to setup the home page as the main page.
Our goal is to mimic this website: As you can see, that site starts off on the Home tab. That home tab also has a great template of having admin posts act as news blocks (reccent example on that page: Community Creations Enderman Attack).
Sorry english is not my 1st language



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Could also install a wordpress in the main directory. Style it to be exactly the same as the forum and use the wordpress add-ons here (or make your own).

That site has the forum installed in another directory. IGN uses that method I think (obviously have more money to pay developers to make it work).


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They are using Invision Power and probably their CMS or blog or whatever they are calling it. Xenporta might be similar, and you can achieve similar results, but it isn't completely the same.