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XF 1.3 how to highlight inactive users


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I'd like to highlight the users that has not logged in my forum for more then, say, six months or so. This is to avoid that someone try to contact them waiting for a reply that will never come.

I know that you can see when the user last logged in but no one check so I think that displaying a banner or something like that should be more evident to the users.

Any suggestion on how to do that?


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You could use this add-on http://xenforo.com/community/resources/user-criteria-by-waindigo.813/

This has two criteria that you could use:
  • user hasn't logged on in X days;
  • user hasn't posted for at least X days

You could create a user group promotion using one of these to put inactive users into a secondary user group with a banner saying "Inactive" or something similar. Set the Display Styling Priority for that group to higher than that of other groups so that if you aren't using banner stacking it will display the Inactive banner instead of any of the others.


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Ops sorry. Question is that the one from Liam can change the user title and the one from Waindigo has only the criteria but cannot process a specific action, or am I wrong?


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Problem in my case is that I've two UG. One is registered and the other one is registered plus that has many more privileges so I don't want to change the UG of that users, just changing, for example the user title to let anyone know that they're no more active.


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You shouldn't be changing user groups, you should be adding them to a secondary user group.

Everyone should have the Registered group as their primary group and that has the base permissions that everyone has. You then add users to secondary user groups to increase their permissions.

This guide from Brogan explains this in more detail http://xenforo.com/community/resources/implementing-permissions-across-multiple-user-groups.358/

With user groups set up like this and with the add-on from Waindigo, you can get user group promotions to do what you require automatically.


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Cant' do that. Let me explain

All my users are in REGISTERED UG
All my pay users are in REGISTERED (primary) and REG+ (secondary) UG
The REG+ has more privileges

Problem is that I should create a third level UG but how can I manage the privileges here? If the user become from REG has some privileges but if he comes from REG+ it has more privileges so where do I've to put it?

That's why I'm searching for someone more practical like that addon...


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OK, now I understand your set-up and that follows the guide that Brogan has written (assuming that the permissions set in the REG+ group aren't duplicates of any in the Registered group - there's no need to duplicate, only to add the extra permissions to the Reg+ group)

With the "Inactive" usergroup, there is no need to set any permissions whatsover, so leave it with everything set to Not Set (No). All you would be using the group for is to display an "Inactive" banner for the inactive users (by setting a higher style priority if you're not banner stacking) and using the Waindigo add-on to do this automatically for you. Users would be added to this group in addition to the other groups that they are already in, they would not be removed from any existing groups. So you would end up with some inactive users in Reg & Inactive and some in Reg & Reg+ & Inactive depending on if they are pay users or not.

Trust me, it'll work and it won't affect any of the permissions currently set up for existing users.