XF 2.1 How to hide users who haven't purchased a user upgrade from other site users?


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I've got a membership only site where members register, and are manually approved.

Once approved they become registered users and valid account status. Using the permissions system I've locked down pretty much the entire site apart from the membership page, so they then have to purchase a membership to gain access to a usergroup that unlocks the rest of the site.

The problem is that while they're valid, but awaiting purchase and addition to a members usergroup (or when their upgrade expires and they stop being a member), their profile is accessible by other members of the site and they appear in the member stats, widgets etc.

Is there a away to hide these non upgraded users from showing up in the member stats and being visible to other members when they're not in a paid upgrade usergroup?


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There's nothing built in which will handle that.

You could hack something together using conditional statements but that's going to be sub optimal - especially as far as the member widgets are concerned.

Ultimately it's going to require some custom development to do it properly.