XF 1.4 How to hide members list/names etc from Guests, Google Searches etc?

Hi guys,

I run a private forum and insist on members using their real names. For this I need to make the members details, full names etc not be visible to guests or Google searches etc. Is there a way to make this possible and can anyone explain how to set this ?

Thanks! :)


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If they are registering with their full names then the only way to prevent them being seen by guests is to lock the whole site down by setting the main 'View' permission for the Unregistered / Unconfirmed user group to Not Set (No).
Hi Brogan,

Thanks for the suggestion. Would this mean that they also then cannot see the main front page that is visible to non registered members? If so could I set that page only to be visible for unregistered members and still hide the members usernames from non registered members?


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If by main page you mean the forum list, no, that wouldn't be possible.

You can limit viewing the member list and profiles but member names would still be exposed on the forum index for latest posts, etc.