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How to get white background?


Well-known member
I was wondering how I can get a white background behind my forum blocks. As you can see behind all the content there is a white background. I want that on my forum/home page. Anyone can help?



Well-known member
All that did was make my background black, not add a white background behind my blocks. =[

I still want my background color to be the same, d9d9d9 but I want that white background behind my blocks like you can see in the first picture.


Well-known member
Wrong color ( thought you wanted to change the forum/home background color ) - must have edited it out due to WYSIWYG editor.
You'll have to insert a DIV and add some styling to achieve this, ;) ( can't write up anything at the moment.. :( )


XenForo moderator
Staff member
It will more than likely be a style property.
I don't use that style so you will be better off asking in the style thread.