XF 1.5 How to get {user_id} of banned user in a phrase?


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I have this in the footer of our "contact us" email text (contact_email_body_text)
Name: {name} (ID: {user_id})
IP: {ip}
Profile link: http://www.oursiteurl.com/members/{user_id}/
AdminCP Link: http://www.ouradminurl/asdf.php?users/{user_id}/edit
Email: {email}
The problem is that if the user is banned, {user_id} always returns "0". Is there a way I can grab the real userid of the banned user for this purpose? It'd save time for our moderators...


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The user_id will only be available for logged in members.

For anyone submitting the form when not logged in, it will return an ID of 0, which is for guests.