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Hi all,

I'll install soon Xenforo 1.2 and I wanna know how can I get a clean install, the same as if it was my first install. I have a lot's of useless files I don't know where, I failed my theme (I edited the wrong one and now I'll lost all my modifications and so on) but I don't think I can just delete all the content of my ftp server and replace it by the new files.

So how can I do? ^^


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  • Create a new database or drop all tables from the old database (effectively making it a new one)
  • Delete all previous Xenforo-related files in the area on your web space that you are going to use (you can delete everything if you really think you don't need anything at all there)
    Create a folder in your webspace where you want your new Xenforo installation (e.g. a folder called community) - as long as you don't mind your website URL to be www.yoursite.com/community rather than www.yoursite.com
  • Follow Step 2 onwards of the Xenforo Installation instructions http://xenforo.com/help/installation/
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Enguerran A

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Well, english isn't my main language ^^', sorry. What I wanted to have is a new installation, from scratch. I will follow his tutorial