How to edit the CSS?


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How do I edit the overall CSS of xenforo? To where I can put in graphics or gradients in the category strip bit? I'm not talking about the color pallette though.
Okay thanks.

One other question, the username dropdown that shows things like "Edit Profile" "Signature" etc.

As well as the PM/inbox dropdown + alerts dropdowns all have transparent backgrounds and are hard to read on my new skin, how would i make those all have a solid background color? Where can I edit that? (or what do I put in EXTRA.CSS?)

You can see what i'm talking about here.
Using chrome to inspect the elements, it looks like it's AccountMenu


The style on your site seems to have them totally transparent, so you could set the transparency in EXTRA.css

EDIT: Looking a bit closer, it appears to be the .secondaryContent specifically related to the bit in yours which is totally transparent.
any chance of a test login to your site to try and debug the CSS that is currently there? Is it your own theme or a purchased one?
it's my own theme. I had made up on ZetaBoards, this is a ZB to xF conversion. i'll make a test accont for you and PM you the details, the skin in question is called "Smokey's Try" but yeah i'll go ahead and set you up an account.
It might be you are just missing a background setting in a template if it's your own theme. Will have a look when an account is ready
Fixed by adding

.Menu .secondaryContent {
background-color: rgba(244, 246, 247, 0.96);

to EXTRA.css as it's a custom theme. Not sure if there is a specific place this can be set though in the style properties?
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