How to do this?


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They used an image to do the triangle.

Also, you should make your thread title a wee bit more descriptive as well as describe better what you want. Just posting an image with an arrow is not enough. Do you want the triangle, the bottom toggle slider for that element? Are you asking how to place an element within another element. With a better description I could be answering your actual question right now instead of guessing what your question is.
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No problem.

I understand, what is your native language?

What is it that you would like to hide / display when you click on the triangle?

I'm assuming the post , but do not know if he's wanting to
A) Collapse the whole thread
B) Hide that specific post

The link he is pointing at is not an XF site, it's a Wordpress site and that arrow moves the descriptor box of the designer (apparently a wedding designer - gown or what I didn't read) downward and then upward.