How to do a verification system // is there a resource which already doing this?



I would like to ask how to do a verification system.

This is what I understand for that:
I want to give people which are official verified status, like badges or sth.

I just designed and attached screenshots and designed red what it should look like in the admin panel and in the forum to threads and the profile page.
Is there any easy way todo, is an addon existing which is doing this, is this easy to do?



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I'm confused now. Is the question about XenForo License Verification?, or how does one's forum issue a verifed badge to specific member? (add-on)
just like the blue and gray verification Badge in facebook.
If it's the second one, I'm also interested to know.


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I guess it's the second thing you mentioned. Kind of identity/qualification verification. I'm interested too.


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How would you be able to verify someone's identity?

It would require them providing some form of ID.

Doing it automatically would be virtually impossible.

Good luck with that.


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I think it has to be verified/approved manually after the user uploaded their ID proof. This can be done by a node with special permissions set so only the posters can see their own info. Or by making use of the Advanced Forms add-on.

The coolest thing is the availability of a 'system' to make/unmake the blue tick beside the username. And that has some sort of linkage to the proof provided by the user. And some options like verification renewal after a certain amount of time.