XF 2.2 How to display banner Ad using ACP advertising template.


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I'm having an issue getting a banner Ad to display.
<div style="margin: auto">
Ad here <br>
<img src="images/misc/bannername.jpg">


This works only if I click on forums. The banner Ad shows as well as the "Ad here" text. Clicking 'what's new' or any thread, the banner Ad does not show but the "Ad here" text does.

If I put in the absolute path the banner Ad never shows but the "Ad here" text always shows.

Help please.
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I'm not sure if this is a really dumb question or I worded it so it is not clear what I'm asking, hoping it's the later.
A picture is worth 1000 words so I'll share images of where I am in the ACP and images of where I'm putting the html code.
The html code works on the 'forums' display but does not work on any other page. ie: what's new or any thread.
Hope this helps get a reply.

Image 3 is what I see and hope to see on all forum pages.
Image 4 is what I see on all pages other than 'forums' ....


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So I tried setting what I believe is called an 'absolute' path. But that did not show the image anywhere.
I believe this is a blockhead path mistake on my part. But for now I'm stuck.

You can see the little block where the image should be ...so XF is processing the statement but not finding the image to display


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In order to answer your question I plugged in the path to make sure it worked.
Then copied it to the html code and WA-LA ...it works.
This is just a test banner so it won't work for long but the answer stand.

My mistake was not putting in the https:// in front of the what I call the absolute path. DUH.

Here is the code that works perfect. THANKS Brogan!

<div style="margin: auto">
Ad here <br>
<img src="https://nettriketalk.com/forums/images/misc/NCS_Logo_red_blast.jpg">

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