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XF 1.4 How to disable horizontal scroll bars in some blocks?


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i want to disable horizontal scrollbars in my TeamSpeak 3 blocks i created with BD Widget Framework!

you can see one on the home and one on the forums page of my website https://allaround.cc/

so does someone of you know where to put wich code to make it work?

it should look like this



XenForo moderator
Staff member
Try overflow hidden rather than overflow scroll.

It depends on the content and how it is rendered though.


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its an iframe :/

i made an advanced template block and link a teplate where the iframe code is stored
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Yep exactly i also tired coppy your code into wf default extra css but it also didnt work :/
sorry im a noob with websites :(


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Im in XF 1.5 now and it still wont work :(

i added the
.devmx-webviewer .channel_norm,
.devmx-webviewer * .channel_norm
    overflow-x: hidden;
stuff nothing changed :(

has anyone another idea?