XF 2.2 How to add a link that lists my threads in some nodes?


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For all threads that are created by me in all nodes in the forum, it is /find-threads/started .

What if I only want to show my threads in certain forums (as many as 20 of them)? Can I do it by adding some parameters in the URL or creating a widget, etc?
If I’m understanding correctly you can do this with a search type forum, which can also be displayed as a widget.

just set the criteria for that forum as your own threads.
There is a filed for username, so for all thrrads created by you, put in your own username

Sorry for haven't expressed myself clearly. I mean any user can see his own threads in those nodes.

I need it to be shown as a widget or a link so that any user can see all threads in those nodes created by him.
I think Discussion Created above is just a link to "/find-threads/started" that shows all threads started by that user.

What I need is a little bit more, to show all threads started by that user in some predefined nodes only.
You might suggest that Search Forums be able to do this. Search Forums work like Batch Update Threads. You can find threads in selected forums by a user, but there is no variable to have it work with the user that clicks it. That doesn't make sense in acp but now this is a frontend feature so it may make sense for them to add it.
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