XF 1.5 how to create Child Forum ?


Is that possible to create Forum -> Sub Forum -> Child forum like below format ? cause i have long list (few hundred (child) of it and i don't wish my forum become infinity)child forum.png


You can select the parent node for every forum in the ACP so yes, it is possible to have forums nested multiple levels.
i try to create but it doesn't look right.
1. Child Forum doesn't appear. it just show Sub-forum 1
2. If i have two sub forum. it appear Subforum 2 and request Mouse Over or Click than it show forum title.
if a forum and there will be a lot new user which don't know or understand how it work.
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There is an option in the style properties to show the first level sub forums in line.

It isn't possible to show sub forums on the forum index which are nested more than 1 level.