How to create a Page node

How to create a Page node


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Whenever I try to save a new page node, I get the following error message:


Any Idea, what I'm missing?


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Can you expand on this tutorial by showing how we can make portal pages (list of news from specific forums and latest threads)? All the current portal addons only support a single portal page.


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I have no idea what I'm doing wrong, I've followed your instruction and I keep getting:

URL Portion:
Please enter a node name/URL portion using a-z, 0-9, _, and - characters only.
I'm trying to create a page to put in my privacy policy.

This is what I have: (I am just testing things and learning before I finalise the switch from vB)

URL Portion -
Title - Privacy Policy
Parent Node - route node
Display Order - 1 with Display in Node List unchecked

Obviously not as straight forward as creating a forum node as I thought, do I need to create another category node just for pages, or create a directory on my server called pages?

Please explain.


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Ah right, with you, many thanks Brogan, entering a full url was confusing, makes more sense now.


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Can you explain further?

Do you want to embed a page node in another page?
Internal or external?


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In that case, you can probaly edit the node_page_level_2 and node_page_level_n templates and add target="_blank".


They match the forum/style exactly - the same elements are used to build the page.
You can see that here:
Some more examples are here - click on the node navigation menu on the left to see more:

They exist within the forum structure - you will notice the Forums tab is highlighted when viewing a Page.

To add some extra ideas for everyone, I have added a screenshot of how we use this feature on for organization and structure between the staff and team members.



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Sorry for the noob question, but what's the location of the custom pages?
I need to put a widget in a custom page, so, what is the location of these pages?