How to create a full HTTP response for a specific route?

Jakob T

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I have been doing PHP development for a long time. The company I work for mainly has Drupal websites but also has a forum using Xenforo. I haven't done any Xenforo development before, but since I know PHP I'm considered the best man for the job.

We are in the process of changing oauth/SSO system, and I managed to get login and logout working by taking the existing custom add on we had and making changes here and there.

A part of the change is that the passive login/login works a bit differently. Basically we need to load two iframes on the page, one hosted on xenforo and one hosted on the Oauth site. The iframes will talked together and let know if the user is logged out of xenforo but logged in on the Oauth provider and vice versa via JavaScripts before.

The actual problem, is that I need to render a full HTTP response on the iframe url, which will have configuration from the add-on inside it.

I have been looking through documentation, code and tutorials. I think I can handle adding the iframes and a script on the forum pages, but I have no clue how to make a full HTTP response, controlling headers and the exact content for the iframe we need to host on the site. I need the entire repsonse, starting with the DOCTYPE.

I something like that possible and how would you go about doing it. Any guide, pointers, example projects or anything else would be greatly appreciated.
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