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XF 1.4 How to "continue" admin.php?users/email-send after a network dropout?


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I am on my holiday sending a huge newsletter to my users - on an unreliable wireless network. The network breaks down every 15 minutes. So in the middle of sending the newsletter process, it stops. How can I "restart" the process? When I reload the page, I am redirected to the same page but then I get an error. Is there a way to continue the process from where it stopped? Thanks.


XenForo developer
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Refreshing should ask to resubmit the post request -- that's really the only way to retrigger it. If that's not happening, unfortunately there isn't a great option as it stands.


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So it looks there is no way to continue the process, as a resubmit would start it from scratch again.

If you have tens of thousands of users it is not really a good option.

Looks like I will have to use custom targeting to at least make the sending process smaller.


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I just looked up Mailchimp, it's 500 USD Prepaid for 50.000 Mails (to unique Users), 250 USD for the monthly plan. It's around 10 USD on Amazon SES where each message is also DKIM signed. I guess I will modify xenforo's post request so that I can track the already sent mails in xenforos admin log. I alreay modified xenforos mail system so users can opt out with one click, are addressed by either Mr. or Mrs. etc.
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