How to Contact "Bob" Developer of Article Management System


Hello folks. I'm looking to convert my forum site to another forum platform. I'm researching pretty hard...I'm at the point now of exploring the different CMS options available for various forum platforums (vBulletin, IPS, and Xenforo).

Right now I'm trying to learn more about Bob's Article Management System for Xenforo...and check out a demo.

According to Bob's website ( need to sign up for an account here at start a conversation with Bob. I tried this...but can't seem to be able to start a conversation with Bob.:(

Maybe the reason I can't start a conversation here yet is due to the fact that I have not purchased Xenforo yet...and can only post here in the Pre-Sales area.

This is a bit frustrating...since I can't fully research the CMS addons for Xenforo without getting in touch with Bob...yet I can't get in touch with Bob since his website points folks here. But I can't start a conversation with Bob here...if I don't already own Xenforo.

Anyone know a way to get in touch with Bob (developer of the Article Management System addon for Xenforo)?



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His forum states someone needs a valid XF license to get activated on there for support. It sounds like OP just has presale questions he wants to inquire on first.
Like here at xF, and also our sites, and most all dev's sites, there's a pre-sale questions forum he can post in without having a xF license.


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That wasn't directed at you @Alfuzzy - we understand that sometimes this is the only way to get a developer's attention but we (XF staff) can only answer queries on our own software.

Hopefully Bob has seen this thread and will get in touch.


Ok cool Brogan. Yes you understand the situation perfectly.:)

Bob has contacted me...and is helping me understand things.


p.s. I should be good to go if you wanted to close the thread.