XF 1.4 How to change "Thread Title..." in thread creation

I am not so interested in allowing members to edit thread titles after fifteen minutes, but, as the Admin, I would like to be able to edit titles whenever I come across titles with typos, etc. However, unless I am missing something, I don't see a way to do that. I think I used to be able to, in another version but if it's there now, I can't find it. When I go into Edit -- More Options, that's not an option. I can edit the post, but not the title. Within permissions, I can see an options to allow "Edit thread title by self (requires edit own post) but, while editing, I can't even find an option to edit my own thread titles. I hope there's a way to do this without modifying the template, even if it's through a plugin.



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As you're referring to moderators, they have a separate permission that allows them to do more things. Editing the title is one of the things covered by "Manage (move, merge, etc.) thread by anyone".
Use the permissions analyzer to determine why.
Thank you for your reply. It is quite possible that there is something that I am misunderstanding or not seeing, but the permissions analyzer for the Admin account shows everything as "Yes" or "Unlimited," yet I am not seeing an option to edit thread titles. I can edit posts within the forum, but not titles. In fact, I'd rather allow forum members to edit the titles of their threads within the same time frame that they are permitted to edit their posts, but I can't figure out how -- or if I am able -- to do that.