XF 1.2 How to change the language for all users?


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I guess this can be done with SQL Injection. What is the command please? I recently moved my site to XenForo from phpBB3 and even though I have select default language Slovak, most of the users have English as default. They seems to be lost and don't know where to change the language. So I wonder how could I change the language to Slovak for all users?



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If you don't plan to use the English (US) language, you can delete it.

UPDATE xf_user SET language_id = 2;
Change the 2 to match the language.

Take a backup first.


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lat time i did this , i couldn't enter the acp and i had to re build the cashes and restore the english language .. etc
as Brogan said DO take a backup first


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Ehm, ok, I think I just then delete english, seems to be safer :) Thanks to both of you ;)