XF 1.2 How to change navigation order of addons and dropdown content


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Currently I have the following addon:

Nodes as Tabs

and my navigational bar order is: Home, Forum, Feedback, Media, Wiki, Members, Help.

How do I change this order to: Home, Forum, Media, Wiki, Feedback, Members, Help.

Also how do I change the dropdown contents for just Media? I've done this for Forum already but that was simple because in the "Navigation" template there was a section specific for "Forum" but for "Media", "Wiki" and "Feedback" they all seem to be using the <!-- extra tabs: middle --> code.


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In general the tab order is defined by the add-ons so it can't be changed easily. The navigation contents for each will likely be defined in a template. You'll need to post in the appropriate thread for that add-on.