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XF 1.3 How to Change Name Field to Username on Regitration Form

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I was actually trying to make users sign up with username instead of full names and i went to phrases and tried to change it as discussed in the forum but it seems its not working.

I edited the fields by going through ( ACP -> Appearance -> Search Phrases) for "your_name" and "your_name_or_email_address". I changed both to "your_username" and "your_username_or_email_address".

After doing that i saved and i have the new phrases in red but the old phrases i saved on are still there.

Now i still have the "name" and the "your name or email address" still showing when new users are trying to register.

What do i do?

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That's not strictly true, is it?

I told you in your ticket yesterday you had to edit the phrase text.
Well you did not make it clear enough. I was changing the phrase title and the content and i spent hours just doing this. I expected you to have told me to change only the content and not the phrase. Well its solved anyways. Thanks.
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