XF 2.2 How to cancel warning points


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I am looking for a way in which I, as an administrator, can delete warning points given by the administrators under me, and I cannot find it.
Indeed, there is no such way?
There is no section that displays all the warnings given out. You'll have to go to each individual post where the warning was given and view the warning and then edit/delete from there. There may be an addon that can list each warning but not sure.
If a mod goes to a person's profile, there is a "Warnings" item that shows number of points given and the number of warnings (e.g. 99/1).

If you tap/click the #/#, it shows a list of the warnings. If you then tap/click the text of a warning it shows the full details, and there is a delete button to remove the warning.

At least that's how it works on my site and I do not have any add-ons related to warnings installed so I think that is out of box.
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