How to buy a XenForo forum?!



I allready submitted a ticket but i dont understand the answers or the other way around.

Somebody ever bought or sold XenForo forums?! Could i buy a XenForo forum from somebody who neglected the forum and wants to stop?!

i allready own two forums.
I have already responded to your ticket about this multiple times.

Licenses can only be transferred once so it must not have been transferred previously.

The owner of the license will need to renew it and then contact us to arrange a transfer.

The process must be initiated by the license holder - we will not transfer a license unless the request comes from them via their customer account.
I now but I don't think I understand you :)

I just want the domain, site and all the data. Im willing to buy a new license myself for the forum. Thats not an issue, but can I transfer all the date, buy a license and add it to the software.
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