XF 2.2 How to automatically promote/demote a user based on user field?


On my forum there is a node that many users have expressed a desire to hide so they don't see it or its posts. This includes when using the Whats new or New Posts view. I have implemented this by creating a custom user field that they can check to hide that node, and I've hooked up a user promotion that moves anyone with that field set to true, into a secondary usergroup that has no access (NEVER) to the node being hidden. Great.

However, if they uncheck the custom field, I have not found a way to remove them from that usergroup, or demote them from that promotion. Is there a way to do this using vanilla XF? Or am I going to have to go get an add on created?


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It should promote and demote automatically.

I wrote a guide for that functionality and tested it to confirm it works.