XF 1.3 How to automatically add new users to a user group?


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Is there a way to automatically add new users to a certain user group?

I don't think I can use user promotions because then the cron job will add users back into the group that I have manually removed. (Haven't tested it, but that is my understanding of how it works.)


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When you manually remove them, add them to another user group and set that as part of the criteria for the promotion.


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Thanks Brogan. That would work for me from the Admin CP, but not for my forum moderator who is using an add-on (Waindigo's Join Usergroup) to remove people from the user group.

If I set a promotion with a criterion that a user has to have less than 1 post (i.e. not posted), will users with 1 or more posts be un-promoted?