How to always get an email alert for thread activity???


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I would like an alert every time someone posts to a specific thread. Often times I will read the quick email summary and decide that it's not important to visit the thread to read what the alert just told me. How can I get an alert for every thread until I opt out. It happens a lot on this message board.


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You can watch threads and receive alerts and emails.

After receiving an alert or email, you won't get any more until you visit the thread.


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Is there a way of changing it so that the alerts reset when you visit the site and not the thread? I've noticed a few times where I get a ton of alerts, but only read a few of the threads in that sitting. Then I come back a couple of days later with no more alerts and realise I've missed quite a few posts as I never visited the thread when I first got the alert.


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I think robinhood hit it on the head. Why should we have to read every message if the alert system is robust enough to not rquire clicking on and reading every post made to a thread one at a time.