XF 1.1 How to add phrases in custom fields / trophies?


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Since i'm running a multi-language installation, i end up hitting a wall Xenforo isn't letting me pass.

I try to create custom fields, or even trophies but try to title/description be one phrase, since the site is multi-language and the trophies / custom fields end up the same for everyone, i wan't to people see them in their language.

The problem is that that fields are only text, and only read whatever i put there as text, is there a workaround for do what i need?

Jon W

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@mauzao9 As far as I am aware, phrases are created for the title and description for custom fields and trophies.

For user fields, the phrases will be user_field_XXXXX and user_field_XXXXX_desc, and for trophies it will be trophy_XXXXX and trophy_XXXXX_description, where XXXXX is the field ID and trophy ID, respectively.

Is this what you meant?


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@Waindigo wow! I just had a look the phrase replaces what is written in the field! With 2 languages , it works and it shows the normal one for English user, and the translated one for users in the other language!

This made my day, thank you very much! ;)